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DMH Agrar… „trade in Germany“… of course we do not only trade in Germany, but even if globalisation cannot be stopped, we also believe in glocalisation, i.e. the appreciation of the geographically narrower economic area, in our case of Europe. There is no doubt that a return to European origins will contribute to quality and supply security.

Concepts of the past such as „just-in-time“ and a complete dependence of one’s own production location on totally global networks are being reconsidered and business models restructured in the face of an increasingly unpredictable international trading world.

As a classic, Hanseatic trading house, we are the reliable link between producers and consumers and serve the national and international fermentation, food, fertilizer and feed industries as well as the energy sector on all scales. We trade with international large-scale industry as well as with farmers or small rum producers.

We are two agricultural traders from Hamburg. We started our careers and made our mark in international trading houses before becoming friends. In 2006 we founded what is today DMH Agrar Limited in Hamburg.

In addition to the classic volume business, we set ourselves the goal of developing and expanding niche businesses – especially in the growing area of agricultural products that are certified organic and/or GMO-free. For years it has been evident that the protection of natural resources, sustainability and the climate debate will rightly claim greater awareness across the entire social sphere. And that is where we want to participate and make our contribution.

Continuous change in the environment in which we operate on a daily basis requires us to act and adapt flexibly to progress and/or reconsideration, to changing market structures and to different political, social and economic conditions in the various countries we work in.

The lasting success of our company is grounded in the traditional “my word is my bond“ – and you can always measure us by these values. Being, reliable and trustworthy are the cornerstones of our working philosophy.

The focus of our activities is Europe. In addition to our headquarters in Hamburg, we operate a branch office in Belgrade, which is responsible for our business in the Balkans. Besides that we work on a German as well as a European level in cooperations with other companies in order to bundle competences in the interest of our suppliers and customers.

In addition to classical trade, we at DMH also organise the processing of agricultural raw materials from the country of origin to the recipient in the importing country. In this way, product quality can be directly monitored at all stages of processing, storage and transport.

We guarantee logistics that are both on time and customer-oriented.

It goes without saying that we are certified in accordance with various quality management regimes, nowadays an indispensable prerequisite for our business activities.

As a „low-cost operator“ with lean management, we strive to meet the respective requirements of our many different trading partners through a forward-looking, swift and flexible approach. Unbiased advice that safeguards the interests of our business partners is of decisive importance in this context.

Cooperation with our partners builds on trust and constructive approaches to make our contribution to a mutually profitable business relationship.

We are convinced that in the future success will depend to a large extent on true partnership with suppliers, customers, intermediaries, financial institutions and employees.

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Hamburg, April 2020

Jost Zeier / Martin Fischer

DMH Agrar GmbH