Soybean Products

For technical use, production of petfood and feed, fertilizer and food and the use in fermentation industry.
All analyses are indications only and can be changed without preadvice.
DMH does not guarantee the quoted values.

NoProduct / Language/ NumberAnalysisTechnical usePet food/ FeedFertilizerFoodFermentation
1Crude degummed Soybean Oil - non GMO - DE - DMH -SBZ19SPpdf-DE
2Soybean Protein Concentrates - fattening and rearing calves - DE - DMH-SBZ18SP75pdf-EN
3Soybean Protein Concentrates - aqua feed - DE - DMH-SBZ18SP500Fpdf-EN
4Soybean Protein Concentrates - piglets and poultry - DE - DMH-SBZ18SP500Ppdf-EN
5Soybean Protein Concentrates - veal and rearing calves - DE - DMH -SBZ18SP63pdf-EN