CMS-Vinasses & Other Liquids

For technical use, production of petfood and feed, fertilizer and food and the use in fermentation industry.
All analyses are indications only and can be changed without preadvice.
DMH does not guarantee the quoted values.

NoProduct / Language/ NumberAnalysisTechnical usePet food/ FeedFertilizerFoodFermentation
1Ethanol - Vinasses - DE - DMH D2Npdf-DE
2Yeast - Vinasses -EN - DMH ES2SGpdf-EN
3Sugarbeet vinasses -fertilizer- feed -biogas - DE - DMH U2Gpdf-DE
4Vinasses based on production of Ethanol - EN - DMH T2Tpdf-EN
6Chicory Inulin and Oligofructose - EN - DMH-B34Benpdf-EN
7Sugar Syrup - EN - DMH- B36CaSypdf-EN
8Glycerol based on sugar beets- EN - DMH FI7Bpdf-EN
9Soybean Molasses 55% dry matter - EN -DMH SBZ4SP55pdf-EN
10Soybean Molasses 75% dry matter - EN - DMH SBZ4SP75pdf-EN
12Apple molassespdf-DE
16Protein containing sugarbeet vinasse - IT - DMH I2Lpdf-IT
17Ethanol - Vinasses - DE - DMH D2SAUpdf-DE
18Potassium sulfate suspension - DE - DMH-D2U-Flopdf-DE
19Vinasses fertilizer- DE - DMH-D2U-TFpdf-DE
20Vinasses - EN - DMH-FI2DUPpdf-EN
21Sugarbeet vinasses - feeding stuff - DE - DMH D2Updf-DE
22Sugarbeet thick juice - DE - DMH D25Spdf-DE
23Colloid Fractionpdf-DE